Lion Dream

>> Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Since it has been requested.

It probably really wont sound as scary as it was. For this I am sorry, because if you could actually experience this dream, you would be scared out of your shorts. On the other hand, you would also feel, well...... cool. haha!

So...I am on this big inflatable rectangle mound. Probably about the size of a car. I am in the woods on a hill in a thicket of trees. All of the sudden this Indian/Alien thing comes hopping down the hill towards me. He was dress kind of like a traditional Indian, but instead of moccasins, he was wearing inflatable moon boots. He had this mask on with 6 tiny holes in it, kind of in the shape of a vertical oval. He also had tiny dear horns.

Ok, so he is hopping toward me carrying a sharp stick. All of the sudden he jabs at the mound which totally freaks me out, but even worse, every time he jabs at my mound, a huge ferocious lion lunges toward it and bites it and scratches at it. I manage to hold on and my inflatable mound somehow doesn't pop.

But then (as dreams often do), I am in a completely different place.

I am in a weird version of the Stake center I attended when I was young. Everyone is attending their classes like normal. I am walking through the halls kind of just inspecting all the classes that are going on. All of the sudden there is panic. I know what is wrong. The lion. There is total ciaos-the loin is on a rampage. No one is leaving though. So in my head I think, "What the HECK!!! Why is no one leaving? I am going to run home!!!" So I run home in lightning speed. When I get home, my parents are in my kitchen waiting for me to get home. I tell them what happened and they are so proud of me that I decided to run home rather than stay at church with a psycho lion.

Later I hear the lion ate a young boy.

Then I wake up.

Sad and weird. But I felt cool that I was the only one who was smart enough to run home and that I was able to last through the scary Indian/Lion attack.

I hope you enjoyed a look into my strange subconscious self.

p.s. Kate and Kara, this post was for you guys! haha!


New beginnings.

>> Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ok. Ok. I know I suck at this blogging thing.

But here it goes.

We love our new place. It totally fits us and is double the space we had in our last place. It's a little 1950 brick house with a basement apartment-we rent the top half. I'm sure our neighbors love how loud we are...luckily they have only complained once. I promise I will post some pics of the place once I get it a little more put together. I really am loving the feel of my home and love just chilling here. I guess you could say it's perfect for us right now.

It also helps that we really like our ward. I'm in young womens now and I am totally loving it! Like really loving it! Except for that fact that I feel like I suck at teaching. I always make a fool out of myself, but I'm learning. I've only had to teach twice so far and the same girls came back to the second lesson, so I guess at least they don't hate me. haha. I also got called to be the camp director. Way cool. But I think I got my self into more than I realized, but I suppose I'm up for the challenge. There are only like 15ish girls total, where the ward I grew up in had like 15 girls my age. So it shouldn't be too bad. If you have any super fun camp stuff or ideas, send them my way!!! :)

Auri turned 5 on the 11th. I promise promise I will post pictures of that! It was really fun and special. Her favorite person, her cousin Mia, came all the way from California so that she could come surprise Auri for her birthday! We had all of Auri's very most favorite people here so it was a special day for her and us. I'll write more about it when I post pics.

Eden is a little toot and is more wild than ever. But me and Andy can't get over how cute she is and how funny all the little things she says are. We have tried getting rid of the "beana"(binki) but its just not working. I think she feels like it is a part of her, kind of like an arm. One day it will be day!

We had a steamy Valentines watching the new Twilight. I think Andy's man crush on Jake might just be bigger than mine. He really is pretty darn good looking but then he talks and it ruins it for me. Jake not Andy. Haha!


This blog post is getting weirder by the minuet.

I should tell you about my weird dream, but then you might just think I really am crazy. It involved a lion.


Peace out.

I'm rad.

And the handful of people that still read my blog are too!


Lowdown Part Dos

>> Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Eden is sick so I have been sitting next to her with my computer on my lap for two days straight. I have looked at pinterest and facebook so many times that my head was starting to spin. So, I thought huh, what else can I do? Blog....uh yeah, and then I really couldn't even remember how for a few minuets. Sad.

I really should blog more. Like really.

So, to fill you in with our lives right now.

Andy passed the Bar and will be sworn in on Halloween day. The next day he will start working for a guy in Murray. It is a limited partnership...basically. So, Andy is pretty much starting his own family law practice. He will live in Salt Lake for November and try to find us a place to live. Me and the girls will still stay with our gracious parents--- Thank heavens for nice parents! Then hopefully us Fackrells will be together in a new place in the first of December. We'll see how things go, but that is our tentative plan.


Independence Day 2011

>> Friday, July 8, 2011

We had a great 4th!

Mainly cause we got to spend it with Andy!
Auri got in as much snuggle time as possible.
It's hard being away from such a great guy!
Yummy family BBQ. Ribs. Yum.
My sister Kerrah brought her new adorable baby home from the hospital!

Fireworks with friends!
Matt and Abbey were super generous and let us stay with them for a few days. It was nice to be around friends again.
It was great!

I'm very proud to be an American!


The Things We Miss Most

As much as I love Utah (and know it's where we're supposed to be), there will always be a little chunk missing from my heart that I left in California! Here is why:

*Yes, I know I can go visit, but it's just not the same as driving 20 minuets to get there.
*Many a day, Disneyland saved the lives of me and my children. Let's just say a one bedroom apartment just isn't big enough for 4 people.
*I will never forget Auri's face lighting up on many occasions in the magical kingdom. The best one would probably have to be the first time we saw World of Color. Auri was in awe. So was I. It's amazing.
*Disneyland was always great when family came to visit...especially the time Auri pooped her pants. Remember Mom? haha!

Dangit! I need to go back soon!!!

*I wish I would of taken advantage of only living a half hour away from some of the best beaches in California more often.
*We loved it when our family came to visit because it would almost always ensure that a beach trip was in store!
*Going to the beach on play dates with moms from the ward were always so much fun! I miss you girls!


*I think that Heavenly Father knew I would need my best friend to help me and my family through the experience of law school. Robyn lived 40 min. away and I am so grateful!
* One thing that Robyn did that means the world to me, is when I went into labor with Eden, she came and got Auri from my neighbor and tended her all day and night. I will never forget such a gracious favor. I was comforted knowing she was with Robyn.
*Many craft projects...lot's started...few finished!
*Shopping, beach trips, Disneyland Days.
*General Conference/Food Fest!

Love ya Rob!

But most of all we miss...


We really miss Matt & Niki, Max, Mia, Luke, Nate....and Sally(the dog)!
*It really was SUCH a blessing to have our family so close.
*Holiday parties, Birthday Parties.
*Sunday dinners were the best with the Fackrells!
*Nate's Visits which usually included, trying to find a parking spot, dinner, teasing Auri and Eden, redbox, and midnight chats.
*Hot tubing/Swimming at our place.

We love you guys so DANG much!


Utah so far-in numbers

>> Sunday, June 26, 2011

Broken down moving truck: 1

Hours waiting in desert for mechanic: 4
Days before Andy had to leave: 1
Times I have barfed: 3
Times my girls have barfed:12+
Days I have seen Andy: 5
Times we have skyped Andy: 25+
Gone swimming: 6
Eaten out: 20+
Words with Friends: 12
Eden to instacare: 2
Camping: 1
To SLC: 1
Hours working out (for class): 12
Root canal (Andy): 1
Cried: 5
Rescued Eden: 10+
Degrees: 103

And you wonder why I haven't blogged yet? That is if anyone even reads anymore!

Well for the record...I hope our numbers improve for the better this summer.
It's just barely summer and already I'm kind of looking forward to fall!


The Honey Trees

>> Friday, May 6, 2011

I am digging the sound of her, melty, girly. I think this is just great. Enjoy!


Easter 2011

>> Thursday, April 28, 2011

We had a "Hoppy Easter"! Hope you did too!


the low down and awesomeness

>> Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So I thought I would officially fill you in about our moving you are dying to know.

We are officially moving from California to Utah May 14th.
Andy starts his Bar course on the 16th in Salt Lake. (Yeah, you'd think this guy could catch a break-but no! Sheesh!)
He will live with the awesome Mangus fam and whoever else will offer him a soft cushion to curl up on.
Me and the girls are going to live with my parents at least until the end of July.
I'm going to be awesome and finish my Associates degree by taking 2 classes...yes, 2. One online and one is the fitness center where I will be awesome and probably be the only one in there with grey hairs.
Auri is going to be awesome and take lessons of all sorts..this is my plan to make her busy enough that she won't miss her dad too terribly.
Eden is going to be awesome and...well, just continue to be awesome.
The main thing that won't be awesome is being away from Andy-Daddy. He is so awesome! Like really! I married a totally awesome guy! His level of dedication is unparalleled!
Well, that's it for the most part.
I'll update any changes that come along!

I hope for cabin trips, swimming, playing in dirt, riding bikes, eating Popsicles, crafting e.c.t. this summer. If you are up for any of that and want to join me and the girls, I would love it!


A Thing for Balloons

>> Monday, March 21, 2011

Yeah buddy, I know how you feel, I've got a thing for balloons too...particularly the yellow variety.


kind of a spectacle

>> Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I got new glasses-I think I love them.

Auri loves eggs-boiled eggs.

We're kind of a spectacle.

Have a happy day ya'll!


Sunday Serenity 2

>> Sunday, February 27, 2011


Sunday Serenity

>> Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lately I have been feeling a need to be a better mother and spiritual leader of our home. I know that my efforts are good in being a wife and mother, but honestly I know I can do more especially when it comes to living a more Christ centered life. It's easy to get caught up in the world-even when it's good. What I mean is; I often find myself comparing myself to others-which is especially easy to do here on the internet. Things become more important in these kinds of comparisons rather than what is really important. What is important is how I am raising my children. I know that instead of sitting here looking at how others are doing it and feeling jealous or inadequate, I need to step it up and be better myself and not care what others think or do, just focus on what is best for me and my family.

Well, I'm not really good with conveying exactly what I am trying to say so I think Marjorie says it quite well.
So, I am simplifying.

Focusing on my girls.
Singing more primary songs.
Reading more scriptures and church literature.
Being content with my closet full of thrift store clothes.
Cooking new better/healthier meals.
Having Family Home Evening.

Wishing for....
Wasted time.

*Each Sunday I'm going to try to post a quote that I want to focus on for the week.
I think it will help.

Happy Sunday Serenity


Party Time

>> Friday, February 18, 2011

Auri must be a pretty special girl because she convinced most of the Fackrell's to come to Disneyland for her birthday.
Grandpa hasn't been for like 15 years and last time he went he got on one ride and waited like 4 hours to get on it.
He wasn't too excited-well thankfully we got to go on a lot of fun rides and we all had a really good time... especially Auri!

The party crew.
Auri was pulling a great face for every group shot.
(Jackson, Jason and Tiffany will be photoshopped in for the Christmas card.)

I really like this picture for a lot of reasons:
Mia just snuggling grandpa
Max and Auri goofing off
the babies with grandma
Eden's cute little gremlin grin
3 cokes nearby
peace fingers and hello my daughter part Asian. ;)

The cake was an adventure.
Homemade fondant kitty and candy flowers-what was I thinking?
Way too much work for what it's worth...and I didn't even taste it. (Not G.F.)
Although I do think it turned out quite adorable even though Hello Kitty's face isn't quite perfectly proportional.
She loved it and thats what matters.


Her face says it all!


Auri turns FOUR!!!

>> Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yep. Definitely four.

I am loving this girl at this age.

Auri at four:
*Is learning to read-she can read words like: kite, mop, run, fish, e.c.t.
*She is understanding consequences and rules and tries really hard to follow them.
*Loves anything and everything crafty. Our walls have a few new decorations every day.
*She says, "look mom!", every time she gives Eden a hug or kiss.
*Getting really good at math. Subtraction and addition.
*She adores her father....surprise, surprise. :)
*Hello Kitty anything and everything...She's got Hello Kitty on the brain.
*She is very curious about Jesus and his plan and asks really in depth questions. She loves singing the primary songs and says really good prayers. She is also really loving primary. Last week she got to say the prayer. (Her dad went up to help her and when he went to lower the mic he bonked her in the head...way to go dad!)
*She loves her grandma's and grandpa's and talks about them constantly.

We really adore this little girl!
Happy (belated) Birthday Auri!


Love Letters

>> Sunday, February 6, 2011

I really, really love Valentines.
It makes me feel all warm and snuggly.

So many memories come rushing in every time I think of Valentines:
-sitting at the kitchen table making homemade valentine boxes for year it was a ladybug and you would lift up it's wing to put the letters in.
-Walking around the classroom trying to give the people you like the cutest one, or sneaking them an extra treat.
-making pink heart sugar cookies with my mom (could it even be valentines without them?)
-the carnation day for highschool years...I usually only got one or two...if I was lucky
-the time Andy learned his lesson on our first, you are supposed to get your wife something on your "first" valentines...yeah, he learned his lesson and makes up for it every year since :)
-Valentines 2007: I had a 4 day old adorable baby girl-best valentine EVER
-Valentines 2010: in the E.R. with crazy stomach pain...later to find out I had Celiac Disease
-making homemade valentines with the girls
-delivering valentines door to door in the rain to all the neighborhood kids

I really love Valentines!

Some of mine and Auri's valentines...Eden tore off the majority of the hearts the next day.
Auri freaked out.
I consoled her by telling her we could make more.
I think it will be round 5 for us.


Eden 18 Months

Yesterday this little tootsie tuned 18 months.

We sure love this little girl!

Some tidbits:

Eden is OBSESSED with her binky...Like walking around the house crying "B, B, B!" when it's not in her mouth. Yes, I know. Definitely a sign to get rid of it!

She has to do things her way and her way only. When she is eating she is most particular-basically, her food doubles as face and body lotion.

Extreme sweet tooth! Surprise...Surprise!

Climbs any and everything.

New favorite phrase is, "no, no, no".

Loves pestering Auri.

Loves Auri.

Loves to snuggle and will actually lay her head down on my shoulder, something Auri never did.

Gives us kisses by poking her bottom lip out.

Luv her!


Coins for Kittens

>> Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Auri took her coins to coinstar.
The machine spit out roughly eleven dollars.
We walked next door to the toy store and traded the moolah in for these cutesies.

Have any spare change laying around?
Kitty's are way cuter than coins.


Sista Krista

>> Monday, January 17, 2011

This is my little sister Krista.
She is called to serve in the Brazil Sao Paulo East mission.
She leaves in April.
Isn't she perty?!

And a little cookie.

I'm so excited for her!
I think the people of Brazil are lucky to be getting such a cutie patootie!


Christmas 2010

>> Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ah, Christmas time. So much joy. So much fun! This year was no different!

Ready for church

Performing "Jingle Bells"...probably the cutest rendition I have ever heard.

Seriously, I'm coming to think that it is impossible to get a family photo with all of us looking "normal"---way to go Eden.

Aunt Tiff and Uncle Jason-you wont meet anyone too much more inspiring than these two! They adore our girls!
We love them!

Eden and Giraffy...
Giraffy almost didn't make an apperance.
Christmas would of been more deflated without him!
Thank goodness he made it to see this little girls face light up!

There were probably 40 of this same picture. Classic. I'll have to post some.

Christmas wouldn't be complete without lots of cousin time
...and grandparents galore
Fackrell Balls
Egg Nog and Coke
Hello Kitty
Gluten Free Cream Cheese Cookies (thanks Ma!)
Cheese Ball
Movie Theaters
It's A Wonderful Life/Christmas Story
Cedar City
the list goes on...

But most of all...our SAVIOR!

Our Christmas was wonderful-I hope yours was too!


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