The Things We Miss Most

>> Friday, July 8, 2011

As much as I love Utah (and know it's where we're supposed to be), there will always be a little chunk missing from my heart that I left in California! Here is why:

*Yes, I know I can go visit, but it's just not the same as driving 20 minuets to get there.
*Many a day, Disneyland saved the lives of me and my children. Let's just say a one bedroom apartment just isn't big enough for 4 people.
*I will never forget Auri's face lighting up on many occasions in the magical kingdom. The best one would probably have to be the first time we saw World of Color. Auri was in awe. So was I. It's amazing.
*Disneyland was always great when family came to visit...especially the time Auri pooped her pants. Remember Mom? haha!

Dangit! I need to go back soon!!!

*I wish I would of taken advantage of only living a half hour away from some of the best beaches in California more often.
*We loved it when our family came to visit because it would almost always ensure that a beach trip was in store!
*Going to the beach on play dates with moms from the ward were always so much fun! I miss you girls!


*I think that Heavenly Father knew I would need my best friend to help me and my family through the experience of law school. Robyn lived 40 min. away and I am so grateful!
* One thing that Robyn did that means the world to me, is when I went into labor with Eden, she came and got Auri from my neighbor and tended her all day and night. I will never forget such a gracious favor. I was comforted knowing she was with Robyn.
*Many craft projects...lot's started...few finished!
*Shopping, beach trips, Disneyland Days.
*General Conference/Food Fest!

Love ya Rob!

But most of all we miss...


We really miss Matt & Niki, Max, Mia, Luke, Nate....and Sally(the dog)!
*It really was SUCH a blessing to have our family so close.
*Holiday parties, Birthday Parties.
*Sunday dinners were the best with the Fackrells!
*Nate's Visits which usually included, trying to find a parking spot, dinner, teasing Auri and Eden, redbox, and midnight chats.
*Hot tubing/Swimming at our place.

We love you guys so DANG much!


Robyn July 25, 2011 at 6:33 PM  

Consider yourselves missed. Luckily I'll be getting a friend fix to last me (hopefully) through my move to Bfield. Oi...

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